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Snow Plowing

When the snow flies and time is of the essence, Affordable Outdoor Enterprises has a fleet of licensed and insured professionals who will promptly plow both residential and commercial driveways as well as parking lots and cell phone towers. 

Do you want to be on a guaranteed snow plowing route every time it snows more than two inches? Then contract snow plowing services with Affordable Outdoor Enterprises for the entire  winter season. This ensures that your driveway or parking lot is not only free and clear of snow but also, and most importantly, safe for you, your family or your customers. 

You can also choose to use Affordable Outdoor Enterprises just once - and during a time when you may need it most! If you are visiting your cabin for the weekend or coming back from a long vacation, Affordable Outdoor Enterprises snow plowing services will make sure your special time in the Northwoods is spent doing what you love - and not with a shovel in your hand! 

Choose snow plowing services that get you where you need to go - choose Affordable Outdoor Enterprises! 

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