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Ice Dam Removal

Ice dams can cause serious damage to your home, including your roof and gutters as well as the interior - get ahead of the problem by calling Affordable Outdoor Enterprises for same- or next-day ice dam removal.

What causes an ice dam? 

As the temperature fluctuates and snow melts on the warmer part of the roof, it slides toward the colder part of the roof, the eave. Once on the eave, it freezes. The ice on the eave blocks any further snow from melting off and the snow backs up under the roof shingles. This warmth of the shingles cause the snow to melt, creating the ice dam which leaks water through the roof and into the house. Ice dams can not only cause serious damage to the interior of your home, but the weight of the ice dam can also damage your gutters or potentially harm people below.

There are several ways that you can remove ice dams yourself, including using a roof rake after a heavy snowfall or ice-melt, but when you hire a reputable business like Affordable Outdoor Enterprises, the heavy lifting is done for you and without compromising safety.

Our steam-only ice dam removal melts away the ice from the eaves that is causing the water build-up. Some contractors may use high pressure power washers to remove ice from the eaves, but a low-pressure steamer protects your roof and your home. Affordable Outdoor Enterprises is committed to getting rid of ice dams in the safest way possible. Before any major damage occurs, call Outdoor Affordable Enterprises for ice dam removal service today!