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Septic Steam Thawing

Prevent major damage to your septic system with steam thawing!

Septic steam thawing is needed any place where temperatures drop below freezing and septic system pipes have the potential to freeze. That potential is even greater if the septic system isn’t used often. If you are going on vacation or have a cabin with a septic system, it is recommended that you use preventative measures to keep the pipes from freezing. These can include: 


  • Insulate around the septic system pipes 
  • Regular usage of septic system
  • Fix leaky features


However, accidents happen. Any backup of water, even in small amounts, can cause big problems over time. If you notice your toilet isn’t flushing or your drains are not working, you could have frozen septic system pipes. Frozen septic system pipes that aren’t able to drain will create a buildup of thousands of pounds of pressure on the pipes - ultimately causing pipes to burst and water. 

If you think your pipes may be frozen, act fast before any major damage occurs. Call Affordable Outdoor Enterprises today for septic system pipe thawing!